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Try :

Create new reply addressing rules that DO work then delete the ones that
DONT work. Check http://support.novell.com/docs/Tids/Solutions/10008444.html

On what domain is the GWIA that the COASTAL refers to ? On COASTAL or on
COMCAR ? Get rid of the GWIA and reinstall it.

You can offer them to update the COASTAL to whatever version on the backend
and they can still run their 52 clients, if that keeps them happy. I was
happy running the 52 16bits client next to the 65 32bits client for a long


Reading however that it changes when they hit the reply button, I can only
assume it's the 52 client that does it. Do they have the latest SP for the
52 client (SP6) ? Or on the domain and GWIA ?


They cant use the "Internet:" prefix anymore ?


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On Nov 8, 2007 9:59 PM, Matt Ray <mray at gwguru.com> wrote:

>  I agree, I've been trying to get them to do this, but they are resisting
> me.    I mean, 4.2, and 5.2, are you for real?    We're talking 1993,
> 1994.......
> Wow
> Any other suggestions out there?
> Matt
> >>> "Todd Bowman" <tbowman at umphysicians.umn.edu> 11/8/2007 12:51 PM >>>
> I was just an admin fledgling in the 5.2 days, so my answer would be to
> upgrade them to at least 5.5, or most likely 6.5 across the board.
> Addressing rules were nice in they day but now they are so last century.
> Todd Bowman
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> University of Minnesota Physicians
> 612-884-0744
> tbowman at umphysicians.umn.edu
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> Date: 11/8/2007 11:25 AM
> Subject: [ngw] Re: TempNGWList
> There are addressing rules, but all of them redirect to either Internet:
> to go out the Internet domain which is linked to Comcar via a Gateway
> link.    Coastal, however, gets to Internet domain (the external foreign
> domain defined) indirectly through Comcar.    When I try to have it go
> indirect through a gateway link, there are no gateways I can select.
> Yes, 5.2 is pre-internet addressing, but the rules should be working
> correctly.   I've tested them and they redirect correctly.    Now, by the
> way, this problem only happens when they do a reply to an incoming mail.
> They can send just fine to the Internet if they send an email out with their
> normal addressing.   It's just the replies that get stuck.
> Matt
> >>> "Jim Schick" <schickj at kscourts.org> 11/8/2007 9:09 AM >>>
> Any addressing rules defined on Coastal or on the GWIA domain for routing
> messages? I think 5.2 was pre-internet addressing so thought they might be
> defined using address rules.
> Jim Schick
> Office of Judicial Administration
> State of Kansas
> >>> On 11/8/2007 at 11:02 AM, in message <4732D0AC.CD65.004F.0 at gwguru.com>,
> "Matt Ray" <mray at gwguru.com> wrote:
> Welcome to the new and improved NGWLIST.   Just kidding.
> I've got a question for you guys.   I've got a customer who has a wickedly
> mixed environment.    They had a 4 domains.
> Coastal: 5.2 (2ndary to comcar)
> Comcar: 5.5 (primary domain)
>     CorpPO: 5.5
>     CTL: 4.2 (I kid you not)
> 2External Domains, 1 running 5.5, the other running 6.5 (MCT & WSE are the
> domain names)
> We merged in MCT & WSE, although we had to upgrade Comcar to do so because
> MCT was already 6.5.    We started having issues almost right away.    We
> got all of the problems solved, except for the Coastal (5.2) domain.   Now
> the Coastal domain users are having issues sending to the internet.    It
> only happens on replies.  Here's the note from the customer:
> "Everytime they reply to an outside email, it never makes it to them.  The
> system seems to put 'comcar:' in
> front of the address then puts brackets after the @ sign and at the end of
> the email address.
> Essentially,
> janie.m.norwood at lowes.com becomes comcar:janie.m.norwood@[Lowes.com]
> When I right click on the address in the 'to' box and select information,
> then the above address shows in the display name, it is not recognized as an
> email address."
> So, they have addressing rules, but none of them are converting things to
> comcar:userrd.   However, the way that Coastal gets to the internet is
> indirectly through Comcar and then out the GWIA.   And the return link in
> the GAteway link is comcar.   So, I'm suspecting that the link is being
> changed because of this comcar link in the link configuration, but you can't
> remove it.
> Anybody have any ideas or suggestions on how to resolve this issue?
> Matt
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