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I apologize.  I forgot to thank you for your response.  Yours and evverybody else who replied.   Thanks guys (oh boy, one of the hardest part about having women on this list is......) and gals!   :-)


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I believe that it depends on the capabilities of your backup software. If the backup software allows selective application of the backup timestamp then you just turn it off for the daily jobs and on for the weekly jobs. If it doesn't give this flexibility then there may be functionality to run a post-job script - which you could use to reset the backup timestamp to the previous weeks timestamp when the daily jobs complete.
An alternative is to look at using the Retention timestamp instead of the backup timestamp. If you turn on the Message Retemtion settings in the Client Options then you will be able to use that timestamp to stop users from purging items in exactly the same way as the backup timestamp works. Again you can just manually apply this weekly, or script it.
Ideally of course you'd use an archiving system like GWArchive which allows you to apply the retention timestamp on demand - but I take note of your closing comments! You may want to go back to your customer to ask them how exactly they are going to go about recovering a mail if their only means of retention is backup tapes though ;-) I assume they are retaining mail because they think there is a chance that they will need to recover items at some stage? Recovering mail from years of tapes can be a very tricky business - so I take what you say - but you may want to educate them that a tape backup solution like this is only "no-cost" as long as you never need to recover anything ;-)

>>> "Rick Ivars" <rivars at mctweb.net> 19/11/2007 13:15 >>>
I have been using syncback at customer sites to make a backup copy of the post office and domain...once you have a complete copy backed up..schedule it to just sync once a nite...works great..and it is free
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>>> "Matt Ray" <mray at gwguru.com> 11/18/2007 4:39 PM >>>
I've got a customer who runs a nightly backup, but they only keep a weekly backup.   However, they also want to start retaining all their messages.   They're using BackupExec & GWTSA, which timestamps the databases after the backup runs.    However, because they're only keeping a weekly backup, they're in essence wiping out all of the daily emails that get purged from the system because the timestamp runs every night.  

Is there a way for you to do a daily backup with the tsa, which doesn't run gwtimestmp and then on the weekly backup, you do do a timestamp?  That way their final backup is a complete backup of the entire week, whereas the daily backups are more of a precautionary backup in case something goes wrong during the week.   By running the timestamp utility once a week, nobody will be able to purge their emails for a week, but they're getting a complete backup of everything, at least weekly. 

So, I guess what I'm asking is can you fine-tune gwtsa to only run the timestamp utility once a week rather than every day?   I know that one thing I could do is only make the timestamp utility available once a week by copying it from another server once a week.  But I'm not sure if that will cause issues or not (errors that cause problems, for example).     Has anybody else done somethign like this? 


P.S.  I know that Reload would solve all of this, but the customer is looking for a no-cost solution.    I put this line in here because I know someone is going to suggest the holy grail approach.   :-)  

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