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I absolutely agree!! Unfortunately, in Australia the battle is being lost far to often and every time the battle is getting harder...
Novell (Mgmt) needs to allocate more resource to the GW development lab..I've been told there are over 300+ engineers in the M$/Novell integration lab... now I don't know how many are in the GW dev team, but I know they do a great job with limited resources. I will bet if even 10% (ie 30 developers) of what is allocated to the integration lab team were added to the GW dev team, I'm am pretty sure it would make a significant difference to the cycle and feature set adoption. 
Don't worry Dean, I'm not asking for comment.. :-)


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>>Those of us who have attended BrainShare in years  past can remember when GroupWise wasn't ever mentioned. This year there is a movement to make it absolutely clear that GroupWise is THE product that everyone is talking about at BrainShare. 
I guess sign of the time's, GW is now the user facing front line in the battle many admin staff have when it comes to maintaining a Novell based infrastructure. Its no understatement that if GW goes so does all the other Novell products (and more than most likely the admin staff).
I wish Novell (the company, not the GW team) understood this and would provide the resources and partner agreements to allow GW to gain features somewhat quicker than it's current development cycle allows. At the moment Novell has got lucky with the market downturn as fewer repayment projects are going on but such luck will not last forever.

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