Renamed folder and archive

Kevin Parris KPARRIS at
Tue Jan 6 21:27:19 UTC 2009

I had a folder in my live mailbox with some messages in it.  They got old enough that auto-archive moved them.  The reason why I had the folder grew stale, and something else came along that I wanted a folder for.  I renamed the empty existing folder to reflect the new purpose and began placing messages in it.  They got old enough that auto-archive moved them, too.

A few days ago I went looking for something in my archive, and happened to open the 'original folder' there and noticed that the messages I had placed in the 'renamed folder' were in it, and there was no 'renamed folder' in my archive.

I unarchived the messages and moved them out of the 'renamed folder' to another place in my live mailbox.  I deleted the 'renamed folder' from the live mailbox and made a new one (not named the same as 'renamed folder' before) and put the messages in there.

These messages were, as already mentioned, old enough for auto-archive to move them.  Today I checked and they were still in the new folder in my live mailbox, but I had thought the auto-archive was going to move them.  Fortunately they have not quite reached the system purge limit yet, so I manually set move-to-archive on them.

I think I have two bugs here:

1) the auto-archive process failed to notice that a folder name was changed.

2) un-archived items did not go back to the archive at the next archive-process scan of the mailbox.

This is all with 6.5.1 client.

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