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Timothy Taylor timt at BALLI.co.uk
Wed Jan 7 16:16:21 UTC 2009

I can't believe anything you've written down isn't of value! I've read
as many of your docs as I can find, but sometimes the BrainShare ones
are only accessible for attendees - which I've never been :-(

I can appreciate how much work putting Websites together can be, but I
don't imagine anyone here would think it a waste of time.

Kind regards,

>>> On 07/01/2009 at 15:19, in message
<496481B8.FDA7.003C.3 at HinchmanConsulting.com>,
Gregg at HinchmanConsulting.com 
> Folks,
> For those of you that have read and used my articles in the past -I
> finally got a nicer setup for them.  They are easier to find, and are

> categorized.  Since the change from the old Coolsolutions we knew and
> -I along with many say it was harder to locate articles on the new 
> Communities site.
> The link is: 
> http://www.hinchmanconsulting.com/Articles.php  
> Gert --you might set up a link on your site for this one. Or not. 
> Question for you all:
> Also, I have 7 years of GroupWise presentations spanning Brainshare,

> Brainshare Europe and GroupWise Advisor.  Before I spend the long
> setting up a page for them on the site -do any you feel there is
value -to 
> the community- in these PPT's?   They would be the raw final drafts.
> Finally, I have found that with Firefox the website is good -but if
you use 
> IE7 the flash for some reason is way off.  I used WYSIWYG and it all
> good there -so any tips/thoughts are welcome and appreciated.  Be
kind -I am 
> not a web designer.  Also -not sure but it seems my ISP is having
issues this 
> morning -the site is very slow all of a sudden.  Funny, cause it was

> lightning fast at 2am when I finished.  :))
> Take Care.
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