gwpoa.exe crash faulting module gwwww1a.dll

Ian Blackwood iblackwood at
Thu Jan 8 03:29:15 UTC 2009

Ensure Data Execution Prevent (DEP) is disabled on the server. Easy way is set it to "AlwaysOff" in the boot.ini and reboot.

>>> "Julie Smith" <Julie.Smith at> 8/01/2009 2:10 am >>>
We are running several Groupwise 703HP1 POAs on Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2.  All of a sudden the POA service is terminating.  The server is showing a Novell Groupwise POA Language Resource DLL error for gwpoa.exe in module gwwww1a.dll.
Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this issue?  Servers have been in production for about a month with no issues until this appeared yesterday.  Restarting the POA service returns post office access to normal.  
The POA error logs look fine except for the following message when the POA goes down:
Error, Internal Udp Port is unusable. [0000]
Not sure if this is causing the POA to crash, or is an effect of the POA going down.  I checked the server's NICs to verify no TCP/IP errors are shown.

Thanks for your help

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