[ngw] Problem renaming GW 8 user account

Tim Malloy tmalloy at cscc.edu
Wed Jan 14 04:12:02 UTC 2009

I would check your ConsoleOne snapins.  Make sure they are working and up to date.  I had a similar problem occur at my place.  To fix it, I simply rename the account as something else and rename it back with snap ins that are working properly.  The account should work fine then.
You might check out these TID's 10008194 and10086587.

>>> On 1/13/2009 at  6:46 PM, in message <496CB75B.FAF1.0063.3 at rbf.com>, "Steve Tucker" <STEVET at rbf.com> wrote:
I seem to be having an issue renaming a user account (trying to rename it from debblake to dhoffman). The renaming works fine, but once it is renamed, the user can no longer access the account. When the user tries to login, the POA log says:
Error: Security breach [D115] User:DHOFFMAN  (DHOFFMAN)
I ran a gwcheck on the user and I see this:
 - checking Preference records
          Error 44- Database user7zr.db is invalid due to security breach!
          - Verification USER_ID is "DEBBLAKE", should be "dhoffman"
          - Please try to recover correct database from backup
I can just re-name the user's GW account back to the previous name, and she is able to login again...
Anyone know what would cause this?
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