[ngw] GroupWise 8 - Sent Item properties bug??

Michael Strain Michael.Strain at TRW.COM
Wed Jan 14 20:52:54 UTC 2009

Sounds like the default Sent Item properties got changed.  In my lab I am seeing all of the properties.  Have a look in C1 under Utilities | Client Options.  There you should see a send tab with the default properties that are displayed for the various mail types.
>>> "Steve Utick" <sutick at co.lewis-clark.mt.us> 1/14/2009 3:06 PM >>>
I've just discovered, that since we migrated to GroupWise 8, the sent item properties of messages no longer show if someone has deleted or replied to a message.

I still show that the item has been delivered to them, and read though, just nothing for deleting the message or replying.

Has anyone else on version 8 noticed this?   I know that it worked fine in 7 before the migration, so don't think it's a setting or anything.


Steve Utick
Infrastructure Center Supervisor
Lewis & Clark County
316 N. Park - Room 211
Helena, MT  59623

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