[ngw] GW 8 feedback

Scott Kunau skunau at igtg.net
Mon Jan 19 20:44:04 UTC 2009

We've been running GW8 since the first day it was released.  We run it on NW6.5sp5 and we've not seen a single problem with any of the components.  I'm running test systems on Win2K3 and OES2.  I had (until the external hard drive died last week had a Win2K8 VM running GW8 for testing too).

We used to get weekly abends with 7.0.3HP on the GWIA.  Since the GW8 upgrade, not one abend.  No memory leaks either and we use IMAP connections for our Blackberry devices and they work quickly and so far without issue.

The new GW8 client has been rock solid on Windows.  I've not tried the MAC or Linux client as I don't have any MACs currently and haven't time to update my SLED and Ubuntu VMs.

WebAccess.  What can I say?  Rock solid, works faster than 7.x did and no check boxes.  I have almost 9,000 messages in my NGW-List folder and it refreshes in less than 5 seconds when I delete or move messages to subfolders.  No more "choose the next 20" either.  I just scroll on and on and on .

I also really like the website in a panel addition and when I'm authenticated to my network, I see my drive mappings in various folders too.  Favorites work just like Outlook.  FWIW, I've run Outlook '07 against my GW8 system too.

Great upgrade, one of the easiest I've done in a very long time.


>>> "Thomas Stimper" <tstimper at nmedv.de> 01/19/09 3:12 PM >>>
this points me to the funny nature of Software bussiness,
we have to pay to get support to a normaly ever buggy product,
which we had already payed ;-)

By the way, 90 percent of my opened SR i got credited back because i found a bug.
The remaining 10 percent did helped me solving real problems.


>>> "Joseph Marton" <jmmarton at gmail.com> schrieb am Montag, 19. Januar 2009 um
> Al,
> That stinks. :-( At any rate, while some Novell folks like Dean read the
> ngwlist, you realize that officially if you need support you'll need to open
> an SR.
> Joe
> On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 11:05 AM, Al Hidalgo <ahidalgo at salud.unm.edu> wrote:
>>  No, I would have to put it on my personal credit card and wait to get
>> reimbursed......

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