[ngw] Views missing from drop-down in GW8

Danita Zanre danita at caledonia.net
Thu Jan 22 21:22:28 UTC 2009

I'm trying to remember how this works.  I used to use a lot of custom
views, but I don't so much any more.  If I can't figure it out, maybe
one of the GW guys at GWAVACon will be able to help out.

>>> "Holly Newman" <Holly.Newman at KJMAIL.COM> 1/22/2009 1:30 PM >>> 
Nope, they're in a folder on my workstation.

>>> "Danita Zanre" <danita at caledonia.net> 1/22/2009 12:23 PM >>>
So - I'm assuming that these are views that are in a "shared" location?

If so, the ini file should be in the ofviews/win directory I think.


>>> "Holly Newman" <Holly.Newman at KJMAIL.COM> 1/22/2009 1:17 PM >>> 
I'm not seeing it. Where would I expect it to be?

>>> "Danita Zanre" <danita at caledonia.net> 1/22/2009 12:06 PM >>>
Do you still have your ofviewus.ini file intact?


>>> "Holly Newman" <Holly.Newman at KJMAIL.COM> 1/19/2009 3:15 PM >>> 
I discovered today that something is wrong with Views in GW8.  Ever
since we upgraded our client software, they have gone missing from the
drop-down list under New Mail.  I have checked Tools > Options >
Environment File Location > Custom Views and the path hasn't changed -
still shows the right location.  The view files are in that location,
and in fact, if I double-click on one, it opens a new mail.  I just
can't get them to show up where they belong on the drop-down.  

Any suggestions, or do I need to open an SR?


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