[ngw] GroupWise on NetWare under VMWare, anyone done this?

Michael Glenn MGlenn at cco.state.oh.us
Mon Jan 26 20:24:23 UTC 2009

We do that. Other than a few initial timesync problems during the NOS install, it's pretty much fire-and-forget. Only one CPU permitted per Netware VM atm, but OES-Linux has SMP support in the current ESX release.

Re move to Exchange: Might want to present a full cost and ROI analysis on that one. . . .

>>> "Darryl Izor" <dizor at langrock.com> 01/23/2009 11:38 >>>
I am looking for feedback from anyone about running GroupWise on NetWare under VMWare, has anyone done this, pros cons, any advice on converting to, any general thoughts, any help would be greatly appreciated! 
We are a Law Firm in VT with plans probably in 2010 or 2011 to migrate to a Windows and an Exchange environment (much to my dismay), I was able to fight it off again for this year's budget but not for much longer.
Because I have NetWare hardware that needs to be replaced this year I am thinking of migrating to VMWare which will better position us for the Microsoft transition or anything else we want to do in the future for OS's. I have been using VMWare now for 6 months as a test environment and really like it and see Virtualization as the way of the future. I have no experience with Xen and VMWare is so mature I think that is the route I should go.
- NetWare 6.5 SP7.
- GW 7.0.3.
- Two Offices, two servers, two post-offices.
- 30 users in each office.
- Each Post office is 25 - 30 GB currently.
How well do we think this will run under VMWare with the right hardware?
Darryl C. Izor
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Langrock Sperry & Wool, LLP
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