[ngw] ConsoleOne freezes when making Gateway change

Paul Caron caronp at mmc.org
Wed Jan 28 16:21:07 UTC 2009

First, specifics - C1 - 1.3.6H
GW 7.03
I tried to Edit my GroupWise Gateway (1 of 2) to prevent outgoing email to *.mmc.com (for some reason, some internal users are trying to send emails to other internal folks, by typing in the full email address, but instead of the mmc.org domain, they're using mmc.com).  This is resulting emails going to the wrong domain and potentially sending patient info across the internet.  Not good.
So I was able to quickly modify of the gateways, but the other one, not so much.  I am going to the Gateway, Access Control Settings|Edit|SMTP Outgoing|Prevent Messages to: *.mmc.com
When I do so, ConsoleOne gobbles up 99% of my CPU - the other 1% is for my viewing pleasure... The task never finishes.
Like I said, I was successful at making the same change to the other gateway.
I chose to restart the gateway and also to unload/reload the gateway, but I still can't make the changes.
Any ideas on how to fix this?  I've tried the same on other workstations and still get the same issue.
Paul Caron, CNE, MCSE
Maine Medical Center
caronpNOMO at SPAMmmc.org

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