Head's up on a bug when creating a domain from C1 (for at least 7.0.3)

Roger Thomas Roger.Thomas at lombardrisk.com
Thu Jan 29 12:31:43 UTC 2009

When creating a new domain via C1 it 
     1) creates the domain object in GW and eDir
     2) creates the directory structure on the file system
     3) creates the MTA object in GW and eDir
     4) creates the MTA config file on the file system
If you have a nice fast server environment, but a more complex eDir environment
which needs to settle down after the creation of an object the creating of a
domain will break at the point that the MTA object is to be created in eDir. This is
because the domain object is not yet available and the install tool does not wait, but
instead just returns the general 'null' error.
This problem does not show up in 
       a) small test environment with a simple edir structure (as they are quick)
       b) environments were the domain is being created across WANs due to the time it 
           takes to create the database files.
       c) large environments where there is lots of information to place in the database
The only way I was able to work around it was by lowering the speed at which I could
create the directory structure, another option would be to redesign the eDir partitions
to give a faster object creation time.
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