[ngw] Yet another migration to Exchange

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Thu Apr 1 00:55:13 UTC 2010

Good info from you as always.
>From what I have learned myself  GW8 can be a bit of a stick point.

1) QUEST (direct quote from QUEST REP email when I asked about GW8 to EX2010 support - rep claimed this came direct from the product manager - but who really knows):
"Dana,Per our conversation, I was told that it will be early May that it will be supported."

FYI, TRANSEND "claims" to already support GW8 to EX2010, but I have not verified yet with detailed questions that it will move everything - including ARCHIVES - which is what QUEST used to do so well.

2) Messaging Architects - thanks for the tip - I will call them to see what they offer for GW8 to EX2010 that moves everything over a weekend conversion.

Thanks for your info.


>>> "Gregg A. Hinchman" <Gregg at HinchmanConsulting.com> 3/29/2010 9:55:30 PM >>>

I have been involved, done and researched the GW to Exchange migration including the tools.  My summary is simple.

1. Quest has a great tool, works well, but requires a lot of work to get it to work well and the migration is long and tedious. Their support is not great and the product is expensive.  It will work with GW8 to Exchange 2007 -this I know and 2010 is very close if not already there. I had a project at the end of 2009 into 2010 where conversations with Quest were had.

2. Messaging Architects has what I consider to be the more interesting approach.  Interesting because you get an archive solution and a migration solution wrapped into one that works with both GW and Exchange.  It also allows you do the migration in literally one short weekend -depending upon the size of your organization.

Lastly, protect yourself -get Exchange education.  You will find, while its not GroupWise, its not that bad really.  There are things you will love and their are things you will miss.  Of course, my plug -if you need consulting help -drop me a line- we have a good set of folks that can assist.

Good luck and consider this that new challenge you were looking for at work.  :)

Take Care.
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From: Randy Grein<RGrein at tpchd.org>
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Date: 3/29/2010 2:32 PM
Subject: [ngw] Yet another migration to Exchange

Well, the boss just gave me the good news - we officially migrate to exchange in September, leaving ZCM the only Novell product in use after that. Management level decision, no options or input - but expected. The only good points are that I won't have to keep it running with c**p backup and no tools, and I can look for a position closer to home.

Anyway, I am investigating Groupwise -> exchange migration tools. Quest is at the top of the list , but I've heard not good things about them here - and the Groupwise 8 migration tool will be brand new when we begin. What other options are there?

Are there any (stable) Groupwise shops left in the Seattle area?

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