[ngw] Yet another migration to Exchange

Mark Currie MCurrie at austnet.com.au
Thu Apr 1 04:23:15 UTC 2010

Good thing about Transend, if the migration goes south (as many do), or there is some deep seated desire to go back to Groupwise, the Transend tool will go the other way as well!
Mark Currie
>>> "John Evans" <evansj21 at msu.edu>
For what it is worth, we used Transend to migrate from Pegasus to GroupWise years ago...it worked well for us then.

>>> "Tom Miller" <TMiller at hnncsb.org> 3/29/2010 3:05 PM >>>
Here is another I've heard good things about:  http://www.transend.com/  Messaging Architects has another solution, whereby you can archive GW items and users can access the central archive to get to GW items.  
Last time I used Quest the tools where Wingra and they didn't work too well.  I was told by a Quest rep recently that the product has been improved since it purchased Wingra several years ago.
Tom Miller
Engineer, Information Technology
Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board
>>> "Randy Grein" <RGrein at tpchd.org> 3/29/2010 2:32 PM >>>
Well, the boss just gave me the good news - we officially migrate to exchange in September, leaving ZCM the only Novell product in use after that. Management level decision, no options or input - but expected. The only good points are that I won't have to keep it running with c**p backup and no tools, and I can look for a position closer to home.
Anyway, I am investigating Groupwise -> exchange migration tools. Quest is at the top of the list , but I've heard not good things about them here - and the Groupwise 8 migration tool will be brand new when we begin. What other options are there?
Are there any (stable) Groupwise shops left in the Seattle area?
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