[ngw] Groupwise Blackberry issue

Thomas Justice Thomas.Justice at doc.state.nj.us
Thu Apr 1 17:19:27 UTC 2010

Delete and recreate the user on the BES?  (you would likely need to wipe the BB as well)

Tom Justice (Thomas.Justice at DOC.state.nj.us)
OIT Network Services (Email Admin)

>>> "Svein Carlsen" <Svein.Carlsen at taconic.com> 4/1/2010 1:06 PM >>>
We're running BES version with Groupwise version 7.01 and I have a single user for which the Blackberry server is pulling up the username in the form userid.Post Office.domain at internet domain name.  We tried and account edir sync as well as clearing and syncing the BES address books as suggested by Blackberry support.  So far nothing has corrected this.  Blackberry has not been very supportive in this matter, and I'm hoping someone has seen this before.  We have checked her nicknames, and preferred names but I'm not sure where the BES is pulling this information from.  We have 72 users attached to the Blackberry service and she is the only person with this issue.  Thanks!

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