[ngw] Alternative to shared address books

Andrew Bradley abradley at pnc.edu
Thu Apr 1 19:26:04 UTC 2010

Setting up the listservs is the easy part.  We have a program that runs to populate/update the listservs as needed.  The part that causes the most headache is the shared address book.  I'd personally like to get rid of that whole process.

>>> "Lidija Thompson Ward" <ThompsonL at macewan.ca> 3/31/2010 11:31 PM >>>
Hi Andrew,
We do exactly the same thing out our institution:  staff and faculty use GroupWise; students use NetMail.  When it comes to class lists, we do it slightly differently.  I create listservs, and give moderator rights to secretaries/program chairs/instructors.  It is the responsibility of each program secretary to populate the listserv and keep it up-to-date.  Once a year I dump all the old list members (easier for me than the secretaries), and they just repopulate.  It's not a super solution, but it was easier for us than the synching.  BTW, we are on GW7 for now.
Lidija Thompson Ward
Grant MacEwan University
Edmonton, AB  Canada

>>> "Andrew Bradley" <abradley at pnc.edu> 3/29/2010 2:51 PM >>>
Hopefully some of you have had to do this before and our now using a better method.  We are currently setup with our faculty and staff using GroupWise for email, while our students are on Netmail.  Every semester we setup mailing list in Netmail for all the classes, with each mailing list containing the emails for the students taking the class, the professor and the dept. secretary.  We have a GW address book that we import all the mailing list email addresses in to and share that will all faculty and secretaries.  This method has been/become very inefficient over the last few semesters.  Imports to the address book take all day to complete, and, at times, will completly bring down the PO.  Also syncing changes to the address book are unreliable.  We are in the process of moving from GW 7 to GW 8.  This would be the perfect chance for us to find a different way of providing those emails to our GW 8 users.  Does anyone else do anything similar to this?  
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