[ngw] GW 8 - Little bug with attachments containing forward slash

Jeffrey Sessler Jeff at ScrippsCollege.edu
Tue Apr 6 23:45:11 UTC 2010

Here's an interesting bug I found concerning attachment names with a forward slash in them, and GW 8.0.1HP Webaccess. There are partial problems in both the Mac and Windows clients too.

I had a user with a email containing several attachments and she was unable to view/open/save-as in Webaccess. Browser didn't seem to matter.

Both attachment names, as displayed in Webaccess, ended with a date e.g. "My File for you 3/19/10.pdf" 

On webaccess, I could see the attachment names, but when I clicked on view/open/save-as I'd get a 404-Object not found error.
On Win/Mac GW 8 client, both attachments where there, but had names shortened to just "10.PDF" , but they would still open and were viewable.

So, it appears that GroupWise is not handling the forward slash properly when it appears in an attachment's name. For Webaccess it results in an inability to access the attachment. For Win/Mac Client, the attachment name gets mangled.


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