[ngw] GW 8 POA on Linux - It's the bee's knees!

Jeffrey Sessler Jeff at ScrippsCollege.edu
Wed Apr 7 00:10:31 UTC 2010


>>> Danita Zanre <dzanre.ngwlist at gmail.com> 4/6/2010 6:01 AM >>>
Heehee - I hate to resurrect an old thread, but I was looking for
something else, and this made me chuckle! Do what Mamma says - you know

On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 8:58 PM, Jeffrey Sessler
<Jeff at scrippscollege.edu> wrote:

I've got one more tidbit on the migration part.
Always... (I mean it). Danita tells you to, but I didn't listen. :(
When you're done moving your data, rename your source POA/MTA parent
directories so that GW admins that forget to update their paths, don't
accidently connect to the now out-of-commission domain.
I had to fix a user who's "new" groupwise account was sent to the old
domain for processing!

>>> "Tony Bundy" <tbundy at co.lucas.oh.us> 1/8/2010 10:03 AM >>>

Thanks for sharing. Once I get to 8 I am going to introduce the first
SLES box into the tree!

>>> On 1/4/10 at 01:34, "Jeffrey Sessler" <jeff at ScrippsCollege.edu>
> After successfully running several instances of GW 8 Webaccess and
GWIA on 
> Linux, I finally took the final plunge and moved our 1400+ user,
500GB, post 
> office last weekend.
> As with moving Webaccess to Linux, my only regret is in having waited
> long to make the switch. It's amazing how much faster the POA is
under Linux 
> then it was under Netware. Back-end EMC SAN hardware and
multi-pathing is the 
> same as it was under Netware, and the server went from a robust
dual-core Dell 
> 2850 w/ 4GB RAM to a Dell r710 with 24GB RAM and dual X5570s running
> OES2 SP2. POA is on NSS. 
> Weekly user/message check was 3.5 hours under Netware, and now
completes in 
> under 23 minutes.
> A gwcheck mailbox stat report that took 45 minutes, now completes in
> minutes. Unbelievable for a 500GB post office!
> I'm sure much of the improvement is from the new hardware, but having
> 64-bit OS, lots of RAM, and thus a big NSS file cache doesn't hurt
> Couldn't be more pleased.
> Migration:
> I used the Novell GroupWise server migration wizard, Danita's guide,
> little NSS 'noatime' help from Tim Heywood, and I found the process
> simple. The initial copy of the POA took a couple of days (ncpmount
is really 
> slow), and the final copy required about three hours. Had a couple of
> document storage areas to move but the documentation was clear on how
> handle them.
> The one area that should be added to the guides (Novell's and
Danita's) is a 
> GW port reference for adjusting the OES2 SP2 firewall. I knew all the
> ports, but stuff like GWHA using port 8400 is not well documented.
> Had only two problems.
> 1. Forgot to change the C/S IP addresses on a couple of GWIA's I had
> other domains, but pointed to the migrated post office. Once I
discovered the 
> problem, it was a quick fix.
> 2. GWHA wouldn't start - That turned out to be a bug in the GW8 SP1
> installer. The /etc/xinetd.d/gwha file installs with the wrong path
to the 
> executable. The file has it as /opt/novell/groupwise/bin/gwha and it
> be /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/gwha. Once fixed, my remote GW
> agent was able to connect and restart the agents.
> BES server didn't miss a beat. As soon as the new POA came up, it 
> re-connected and was happy.
> I like the agent web consoles, but I do miss the real-time Netware
gui agent 
> display. 
> Can't thank Danita enough for her great guide, and I really
appreciate Tim's 
> assistance with the NSS noatime feature.
> Now if I could only get my restore area to work for an end-user, all
would be 
> perfect. ;)
> best,
> Jeff
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