[ngw] GroupWise 7.03 on NetWare, Windows 2003/2008

Jon Dustin jdustin at usm.maine.edu
Wed Apr 7 19:37:23 UTC 2010

>>> On 4/7/2010 at 10:09 AM, in message <4BBC996F.D50 : 157 : 56656>, "Paul Caron"
<CARONP at mmc.org> wrote:
> I am looking to get my GroupWise servers off of NetWare first (moving them to 
> VM's running Windows 2003), then upgrade to GroupWise 8.  Hit a snag, I 
> think. 
> We're just on the verge of rolling out 2008 VM's and find that GroupWise 
> 7.03 is not supported on Windows 2008.  Anyone got that scenario?  Is it 
> running ok for you?  
> I'd rather not combine relocating my POAs to a Windows 2008 VM and upgrade 
> it to GroupWise 8 at the same.  I like to take these steps one at a time.  My 
> POAs are also a bit bulky - 70-150 Gig, so time becomes a factor.  

Even though the GW7 -> GW8 upgrade is relatively painless, I suspect you would like to upgrade backend/frontend at the same time, which might be a few too many changes for one weekend.

By "GW7 not supported on WIN2008", does this mean the executables do not even RUN? Or just that the installer does not work? IF you were adventurous, you MIGHT be able to manually install the GW7 EXE files on WIN2008, and run for a few weeks during a transition period.

However, I have ZERO experience running this way, as we have decided to run our GW systems on Linux (OES2). It just "seems" plausible...

Good luck Paul!

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