[ngw] Slow status

Lilith Calbridge lilith at dcccd.edu
Thu Apr 8 05:41:32 UTC 2010

I just spent the day trying to keep things moving in our GW system.  Mostly it showed up in GWIA where it would go into SendScan and stick there.  This seemed to happen when messages were being moved from the GWIA's gateway home to its folder (on another server.)  If I shut down the domain everything ran fine as long as there was nothing being transferred from the gateway.  However, ultimately it began to look like there was another problem.  Either messages weren't being delivered or their delivery status wasn't coming back.
I ended up moving the primary domain to which the GWIA belonged to another server and things seemed to loosen up and start flowing smoothly.  However, just now I sent a couple of test messages and although they show delivery at the same time as the message was sent, the status isn't being updated until about ten minutes later.  I'm hoping this doesn't persist but I'd like to if there's anything I should be looking at.  Statuses used to update within seconds.  Now it's minutes.
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