[ngw] [GW 7.0.3] GWCHECK: Determine language of gwcheck log-files?

Thieu Hon TRAN k-ngwlist at thtran.de
Thu Apr 8 14:41:31 UTC 2010


we have GW 7.0.3 running on OES v1 (Linux kernel), with one Post Office 
called "PO" and another one called "ZPO".
When I create mailbox statistics with C1, I get a German 
gwcheck-log-file for PO and an English log-file for ZPO.

Now I need English gwcheck files.
I looked at the config-file
and it has a line with the setting
(there's no other line containing "language")
And the file
contains this setting:

So I get a German log-file for a POA which is set to "language-us" and 
an  English log-file for a POA which is set to "language-de". (which is 
confusing me, but that's not so important right now ;)
Question: How to I make gwcheck create an English log-file for the post 
office "PO"?


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