[ngw] Including External Addresses in Distribution Lists

Dawn Drake drakedm at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 20:38:10 UTC 2010

We've had a request to include an external email address in one of our
distribution lists.  This is the first request since we enabled IA
last year, and I think we can do it differently now.  If someone on
the list is in the know on how to this, could you please look over my
plan (which is gleaned from a Cool Solutions Tip regarding

I already have and external domain and post office with a few users in
it that I've assigned gateway aliases to.  What I'd like to do now
that IA is enabled is to just create the userid, turn off system
visibility, manually override the Internet Addressing to and Internet
Domain (which I believe/want to be specific to that one user), then
add that user to a distribution list.

Does that seem like it will work?



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