[ngw] Embedded foreign characters in user names

Lilith Calbridge lilith at dcccd.edu
Fri Apr 9 15:07:27 UTC 2010

Just wondering how others have handled this, if every.
I have had a user reported to me who's last name is Peña.  She wants
the ñ included in her last name as it sits in GroupWise.  It could be
embedded, I'm petty sure, but this does present a problem with looking
up the name and name completion since we're in a predominantly English
speaking environment.  I'm not so much concerned about people needing to
type the ALT+164, though it would be an imposition on their part, as I
am with having to disseminate the knowledge to 9,000 users who might
potentially have to correspond with this user.  We have three other
users with the same last name who have not asked for this distinction
and it would run the risk of other users getting confused with how to
look them up also.  Additionally there's a chance that once this one
exception is made I'll be asked to allow it for a number of other users
from a more diverse number of languages.  
I know it's kewl to have all the accented characters available but is
it practical to expect a diverse population to learn how to deal with
the rest of the diverse population's language characteristics?  How do
y'all deal with this?
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