[ngw] An unusual sponsorship

Richard Bliss rbliss at gwava.com
Fri Apr 9 18:21:18 UTC 2010

One of our List subscribers has an unusual request. He is a GroupWise admin in Europe for a large organization. He is participating in a vehicle rally this year, attempting to drive from Milan, Italy to Mongolia in a very little car. 

It is always interesting to see what GroupWise admins do with in their spare time, and we all know that if all we did was GroupWise, we would have A LOT of spare time. 

I have made a small personal donation to his cause to help him make the trip. We are working on getting him just a little more and I'm hoping to get the NGWList logo and GroupWise Rocks signs on the side of the car if enough people can help out their small cause.  

Here is his website, www.milangolia.com. His name is Matt Plumb and I'm hoping we get to have some pictures of GroupWise Rocks! next to the Great Wall of China or some other exotic location. 

If you can help with a $25 donation, I know Matt will appreciate it. 

Richard Bliss 
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