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Yep - good old *Confœderatio Helvetica.  The exchange was something like
0.40 when I lived there, so last visit at 0.9 was painful <heehee>.*
*I'm in!*
On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 12:49 PM, Holly Newman <Holly.Newman at kjmail.com>wrote:

>  The website donation values are listed in CHF, which I have now learned
> is an abbreviation for Swiss (CH) Francs. And to assist you even further,
> the current exchange rate is 0.93 - which means that 25 CHF is about $23.35
> today.
> For those of you in other countries, I found this great conversion site
> dedicated to the Swiss Franc:
> http://coinmill.com/CHF_calculator.html
> Holly
> >>> "Richard Bliss" <rbliss at gwava.com> 4/9/2010 11:21 AM >>>
> One of our List subscribers has an unusual request. He is a GroupWise admin
> in Europe for a large organization. He is participating in a vehicle rally
> this year, attempting to drive from Milan, Italy to Mongolia in a very
> little car.
> It is always interesting to see what GroupWise admins do with in their
> spare time, and we all know that if all we did was GroupWise, we would have
> A LOT of spare time.
> I have made a small personal donation to his cause to help him make the
> trip. We are working on getting him just a little more and I'm hoping to get
> the NGWList logo and GroupWise Rocks signs on the side of the car if enough
> people can help out their small cause.
> Here is his website, *www.milangolia.com.* His name is Matt Plumb and I'm
> hoping we get to have some pictures of GroupWise Rocks! next to the Great
> Wall of China or some other exotic location.
> If you can help with a $25 donation, I know Matt will appreciate it.
> Richard Bliss
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