[ngw] Looking for advice on Outlook 2007 on GW8

Gert gwcheck at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 19:36:54 UTC 2010

Tried http://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=WtXxReRacnE~ ?
http://www.advansyscorp.com/formativ_personal_outlook_migration.htm ?


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On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 9:32 PM, James Taylor <James.Taylor at eastcobbgroup.com
> wrote:

> First, let me get this out of the way...
> I am fully aware of Novell's non-support of Outlook 2007 as a GroupWise
> client, so I don't need to be informed about that. Novell support is not an
> issue.  Practical usage is all I care about.
> I have a very small, very high maintenance client that I have migrated from
> an ISP based mail using Outlook as a mail client.
> Their legacy mail consists of a main outlook pst file of about 7GB, and an
> archive pst of about 17GB.  Lots and lots of folders.
> Also, the contacts have a lot of notes, and many of them are actually
> references to legal case files. (Trying to use OL contacts as a CRM...)
> I have tried a number of ways of importing the mail into GroupWise, and all
> of them have been slow and usually blow up regularly.  I have finally
> resorted to opening Outlook with a GW profile, connecting the pst and
> copying folder by folder.
> This process has been going on for several months, and the client has been
> very frustrated.  The change in the mail interface, combined with the
> never-ending task of trying to import and organize the mail has led to the
> plea to return to Outlook.  I don't think this is the best course, but
> trying to continue to push the point is fruitless, so I need a solution that
> doesn't involve trashing GW on the backend.
> Here's the requirements:
> I need for Outlook 2007 to work reasonably quickly, share calendars and
> contacts with two other users, have full access to proxies and and have the
> address lookups and auto completes work properly.
> I also need the principal user to be able to sync her iPhone.
> Is this feasible, or do I need to look at alternative mail systems for a
> backend?
> -jt
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