[ngw] GroupWise on Linux & ArchiveToGo

Gregory Bell Gregory.Bell at advansyscorp.com
Mon Apr 12 02:47:30 UTC 2010

Hi Lidija,
>From the logs you provided during our earlier correspondence and reply, we believe the problem is related to your local workstation folders (C: drive) being seen as read-only by Archive To Go, probably an unusual Windows rights/security issue.  This problem is not something we've seen previously and is certainly likely to explain the Archive To Go behavior.

Once the reason behind the read-only problem is resolved, and assuming other environmental conditions are configured correctly, you should be able to archive successfully.

I will also resend our direct response in case you have not received it.

Kind Regards,

Greg Bell

>>> "Lidija Thompson Ward" <ThompsonL at macewan.ca> 08/04/2010 7:26 AM >>>
Hello NGW List,
I have an issue that I am hoping someone can help me resolve.  Sorry for the length of the email!
We are running GW7hp4 on a Linux environment, and I am connecting using a Samba share.  We are also using ArchiveToGo to take snapshots of emails for terminated employees.
When our primary domain was on NetWare, there were no issues using the software.  However, now that we promoted the new Linux domain I seem to be having no shortage of issues trying to do an archive.  I go through the whole process, and it seems to be working, only to receive a message in a couple of minutes of "Completion:  Failed."  When I look at the log files it says:
       Messages archived:  0 (0 found)
       Contacts archived:  0 (0 found)
       Completion:  Failed
   Auditing is not available
   Completion:  Failed
I have gone through the manual about 100 times and have not had even a glimmer, never mind a flash of brilliance to figure this out.  Has anyone out there experienced this?  Any thoughts/suggestions would be most welcome!
Thank you,
Lidija Thompson Ward
Grant MacEwan University
Edmonton, AB  Canada
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