[ngw] GWSync - Reconfigure

Sami Kapanen Sami.Kapanen at hamk.fi
Mon Apr 12 12:08:55 UTC 2010

>>> On 9.4.2010 at 23:30, "Lilith Calbridge" <lilith at dcccd.edu> wrote:
> This has just not been my week.  Despite interruptions I completed the 
> install of the Mobility Pack with, apparently, on little error.  I don't even 
> recall putting in a password, let alone a user name, but apparently I messed 
> up the login information for the web login.  Can someone tell me where to go 
> to reconfigure this, if it's possible.  If it isn't then will I need to 
> uninstall/reinstall?

heh, I had same issue, I though it didn't even ask them ;D
it uses the admin account you gave to the LDAP, so it was admin of the tree in our case..  (and the login has some ldap issue, in our setup anyways, had to re-enter few times..)
Have to change it to something else later.


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