[ngw] folder contents deleted inexplicably

Ian Blackwood Ian.Blackwood at golding.com.au
Mon Apr 12 13:42:34 UTC 2010

We have a common resource with multiple people having proxy rights.
In this mailbox is a folder structure with subfolders. (note - not shared folders)
The users drag items from the main mailbox to the subfolders.
One particular user sees the contents of his folder structure all get deleted (into trash). Now for the third time in two months. This last occasion, no-one else was in the office.
In effect - just like highlighting the parent folder for the structure, hitting delete and choosing contents only - the folders are there but empty. Trash contains all the messages with delete times showing it was one event.
No rules with delete actions exist.
No auto-cleanup exists
GW7.03hp1 on WinXP.
I have reason to believe he was dragging a message from mailbox to subfolder when the last event occurred. This message was a forwarded message from and to this same resource (I believe so he could annotate the message).
Has ANYONE ever seen this behaviour and any ideas why ?
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