[ngw] MTA error messages

joe Acquisto joe.acquisto at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 14:43:37 UTC 2010

I may have posted this before, but -

Sporadically, I get messages on one MTA, like this:

date time     DIS: MSLOCAL: Less than 1kBytes of disk space available
date time+n DIS: MSLOCAL: More than 1kBytes of disk space available

Where n=40 minutes to an hour.  Or so.

These repeat "for a while" then may stop for a day or more.

There is plenty of disk space.  Plenty.  There are several
MTA/domain(s) on the same box.  Been working for years.  Message
tracking has been enabled "for a while".  This would appear to be some
internal GroupWise limit (setting ?) but cannot find.

KB points only to disk space/quota/rights.


GW7.03 sp4 OES1 L.

joe a.

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