[ngw] Questions on Mailbox Expiration Report

Daniel Hunt DCHUNT at dncinc.com
Mon Apr 12 15:33:04 UTC 2010

I am running GW 8.0.1 HP1 for both the client and PO.  When I run a Mailbox Statistics | Expiration report and set the threshold for Items older than 60 days and Downloaded items older than 30 days, I get the following results:
DCHUNT (8jj / 106)  19220 (138114)   4170     10        46458880  (Daniel Hunt [9000010 - IT Infrastructure Services])
Items older than 60 days:
Downloaded items older than 30 days:
Items larger than 20480000 bytes:
1179275 kbytes in use by user's mail
After my name in parenthesis it shows "(8jj/106)".  8jj is my FID but what is the 106 for?
Also does anyone know what the other numbers represent after my user ID such as "19220 (138114)   4170     10        46458880" ?
When I run this report I don't see any count for the # of items older than 60 days even though I know there are some.  Is this a bug?
I also don't see anything for the Downloaded items older than 30 days for any user.  I assume here GW is talking about items downloaded to the caching mailbox?
Have other people had problems with this report?

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