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Morris Blackham Morris.Blackham at messagingarchitects.com
Mon Apr 12 19:52:58 UTC 2010

Opps,  meant to say the log DOESN'T show an attempt to retrieve,  my bad..

Your log does show that the client is trying to retrieve anything.   May want to have the users do one of or all of the following.

1.  In the account setup,  make sure the client is set to remove msg's from server on download.   This will not really delete the msg from his GW account (unless you have a GWIA class of service to say so) but mark them as "pop deleted" so a subsequent LIST pop command will not list any that are already downloaded.    This is a common pop3 issue with GWIA as it doesn't behave the same as a normal POP3 server

2.   If this still doesn't fix the issue,  then in the account setup,  have him add a :v=2 to the end of the login ID,  ie:  morrisb:v=2    This tells GWIA to give the user a different  POP3 'view' in the mailbox



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 >>> "Douglas Smith" <drsmith at lumc.edu> wrote:
> We have a user running Mac Mail who does not get his email messages.   
> Testing from Thunderbird on Windows XP all works fine.   GWIA GroupWise 
> 7.03hp4 and the Primary domain is 8.01hp1 (user's post office has not been 
> upgraded yet).  Snippet from the log:
> 11:44:51 45A Accepted POP3 connection with:
> 11:44:51 45A *** NEW PHYS. CONNECTION, Tbl Entry=40, Socket=259
> 11:44:51 45A POP3 command: USER user7
> 11:44:51 45A  Successful login with client/server access: 
> 11:44:51 45A POP3 command: PASS
> 11:44:51 45A POP3 command: STAT
> 11:44:51 45A POP3 command: UIDL 1
> 11:44:51 45A POP3 command: UIDL 150
> 11:44:51 45A POP3 command: QUIT
> 11:44:51 45A POP3 session ended:
> 11:44:51 45A *** PHYSICAL PORT DISCONNECTED, Tbl Entry=40, Socket=259
> If I restart or reboot the server, sometimes he will get messages for a 
> while.   This affects his home and work Macs.   
> Any suggestions on how to resolve this (I have not used a Mac in 15 years).
> Thanks for your help.
>  - Doug. 

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