[ngw] Dual iPhone/iPad on NotifyLink - how to

Jeffrey Sessler Jeff at ScrippsCollege.edu
Mon Apr 12 23:47:27 UTC 2010

I now have my iPhone and iPad configured and working on NotifyLink. The iPad will be officially certified tomorrow, and there are no patching requirements for the iPad, but it still wouldn't hurt to be at the latest patch level.

In order to have both an iPhone and iPad, you'll need to have two accounts in NotifyLink. This of course consumes two ActiveSync licenses, but that seems fair given there are now two devices.


The "trick" is to create the 2nd account so that it uses a different email address format from the first. For example, if the first account uses the GroupWise default of say UserID at domain, make sure to use first.last at domain (or other supported alternate format) for the 2nd.

Within NotifyLink, add a new user.
Select the user from the add user screen.

Under the "Mailbox Information" make sure that the "email address:" is set to the alternate format.
Under "Client Web Login Information" make sure that the "Client Username:" is set to the alternate format.

Everything else stays the same as a normal add user.

Now on the 2nd device (my iPad in this case), setup the exchange account and use the alternate format email address e.g. first.last at domain in both the email address and username fields.

That's it... You now have a functional iPhone and iPad on Notifylink.


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