[ngw] Dual iPhone/iPad on NotifyLink - how to

Danita Zanre dzanre.ngwlist at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 23:54:18 UTC 2010

Oh - this is a good time to point out a finding that I think I discovered
(at least neither NotifyLink nor Novell had run into this one yet).  I often
keep an IMAP account available on my phone for testing purposes, usually
turned "off".  I found that if the imap account has the same email address
as the NotifyLink (or Novell Mobility) account, then the IMAP account, if
turned "on", overrides the outbound server.  So normally, where the
ActiveSync account would go back to your NotifyLink/Mobility server to be
processed.  If you have a NotifyLink/Mobility account set for
user at company.com and then you make yourself a backup IMAP account for
user at company.com.  If you have the IMAP account turned "on" any mail sent
from the NotifyLink/Mobility account on the iPhone (and now I assume the
iPad) will go out the defined IMAP server.  Not that many folks will run
into this, but since those of us on this list are generally testers and
players, you might run into it :-)  I made my IMAP user
first.last at company.com - but since many of us allow just about all types of
GW addressing, I could just have easily used something else to keep them

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