[ngw] SOAP Abends

Sami Kapanen Sami.Kapanen at hamk.fi
Tue Apr 13 09:50:18 UTC 2010

>>> On 12.4.2010 at 19:14, "Illa Soni" <IllaSoni at u-46.org> wrote:>
>   The only difference with this Post Office is that it has about 50 
> Blackberry users on it with a total of 700 user on the Post Office.  It has 
> become slower after GroupWise 8 upgrade also.  All the other Post Offices are 
> pretty much the same performance-wise before and after the GW8 upgrade.
>   So I was wondering if anyone has experienced SOAP Abends on their Post 
> Office and if GW 8.0.1 HP1 has helped?

We are getting SOAP abends, even with 801HP1 on NW65SP8..
We have SR opened and have now a new build installed, lets see if it helps.


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