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Michael Glenn MGlenn at cco.state.oh.us
Tue Apr 13 12:50:34 UTC 2010


>>> "Simon Shilton" <Simon.Shilton at acustica.co.uk> 04/13/2010 08:44
yup, same here, but I did it last week on OES2sp2 32 bit :-(

>>> On 13 April 2010 at 13:39, in message
<z2vbdc473351004130539mcf6aaac9h80a79f8a914aaf66 at mail.gmail.com>, Danita
Zanre <dzanre.ngwlist at gmail.com> wrote:

Personally my only annoyance in this is that I rebuilt my own GW system
VM in January and left it at 32 bit SLES 11. So now I'll have to redo it
again <g>. 


On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 4:25 AM, Neil Stansbury
<neil.stansbury at redbacksystems.com> wrote:

> Ascot will be 64-bit ONLY. We are talking about servers/agents.
This is also great and IMO shows Novell's long term commitment to GW.

Danita Zanrè
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