[ngw] next release of GW

Jon Dustin jdustin at usm.maine.edu
Tue Apr 13 13:50:34 UTC 2010

>>> On 4/13/2010 at 6:25 AM, in message <4BC45CDE.93E : 42 : 31038>,
Neil Stansbury
<neil.stansbury at redbacksystems.com> wrote:
>>  WebAccess will be architected to talk directly to the POA via
> This really is great news - and has been long overdue.  Hopefully
> will be using PHP or JavaScript rather than Java and Tomcat, this
> make extensions and 3rd party addins much simpler and easier to

I doubt Novell will be ditching the Tomcat code for something
completely new. As long as the Tomcat application will not inherit
GWINTER's failure rate, then I am happy. If the Tomcat app crashes just
as often as GWINTER, I'll be UNhappy.

>> Ascot will be 64-bit ONLY. We are talking about servers/agents.
> This is also great and IMO shows Novell's long term commitment to

I don't really understand why they want to force 64-bit. GroupWise
agents don't need enormous amounts of RAM (I run my Linux POAs with 1GB
of RAM, and the POA usually takes about 256MB - DISK throughput is the

But as long as the "- Remove dependency on a mapped drive…client/server
administration model" really works, then 64-bit will not be a problem,
because I could then ditch running GW on OES Linux and go to SLES11. 

Only downside? LOTS of back-end changes to do all at once...

This will be interesting to watch.

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