[ngw] stuck user move

Holly Newman Holly.Newman at KJMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 13 19:55:30 UTC 2010

It's been so long since I've had a user move go bad I've completely forgotten how to deal with them.
Here's the status:
Standalone GWCheck before move was clean
Both POs are in the same domain
I was connected to that domain
1. Got a message from the Directory Services Agent on the domain
    WARNING: The Administration Agent (ADA) at domain USERD reported an error during a Directory Service update.
    Operation: Rename object in Post Office database   Return Code: D109   Task ID: 4204
    Object ID: USERD.AVIP.NChaiyav
    SUGGESTION: Execute the Administration program at domain USERD and synchronize the above object.
2. Checked the User Move Status and found a D109 Invalid Parameter
Current Status:
The domain thinks the user is in the new post office
There is no User DB in the new post office
No activity on the POAs
What now? Is this one of the simple ones where I can just move the object back and start over?
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