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Simon Shilton Simon.Shilton at acustica.co.uk
Wed Apr 14 10:58:18 UTC 2010

from p13 of the Migration Utility docs:
"IMPORTANT: You cannot update the version of your GroupWise software as part of the migration 
to Linux. You must use the same version of GroupWise that is already in use in source post offices 
and domains. 
If you are planning to update your GroupWise system, update source post offices and domains first, 
then migrate the updated GroupWise post offices and domains to Linux. This enables you to test 
your update in a known environment."
It is best practice to do an in-place upgrade to latest GW on your existing server, then migrate to Linux, that way GW software installed on Linux is the same version as the source server.
so, go to GW8sp1hp1 on NW, see Danita's upgrade guide, then move to Linux, see Danita's move guide
and if you wish to go to SLES11 64bit (see Dean's post about the next version of GW http://www.novell.com/communities/node/11289/groupwise-ascot-details ) then you need be on the latest GW8sp1hp1 on Linux, as it is the only supported version afaik, on that OS, hence your source server needs to upgrade to that first.
If you are more familiar with NW, it is probably also easier to upgrade on NW before the move.
Best of luck

>>> On 14 April 2010 at 11:14, in message <4BC59596.7080607 at web-site1.com>, Dan Sadaka <dan at web-site1.com> wrote:

Hello everyone,

I need to move a small (single PO) GW 7 system from a Netware server to a SLES10/OES2.  I also need to upgrade it to 8.01.

Can't I use the migration utility to move the data to the linux server and then do an upgrade from 7 to 8?  I've been following the recent migration discussions where it was usually recommended to upgrade first, but I believe this advice is based on a migration of a LARGE amount of data, correct?  I mean this entire data store is under 5 GB.

Please advise.
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