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Alan Bens ABENS at go-metro.com
Wed Apr 14 12:43:04 UTC 2010

As I read through all the post for the Next release, I wonder since I've
never dealt with Exchange or Lotus notes, are there Linux/Mac clients
for them?  Do those companies try and take care of all the different
As far as web access I agree that if Novell doesn't stabilize WA and
make it full feature like the fat client then it will be a mute point,
but if they do, it will at least save me hours of having to deploy new
fat clients, making sure that they work with all of the software on the
system, or does it work with MS newest OS disaster.   
Yes Novell has a long way to go with the WA and the clients, but if it
works with IE, FF, Safari, Chrome, then I believe they are making the
step forward before the competition.  
One mans opinion.

>>> On 4/13/2010 at 11:38 AM, "Steve Bogdanski" <bogdansk at cvm.msu.edu>

Shouldn't be too difficult if they use HTML5 in the future for
WebAccess.  This is exactly where Gmail is moving and why Google is
discontinuing Gears (how offline caching is currently done).
As for Mac/Linux support, I almost feel that Novell should focus more
allowing integration with OS X's (and Linux) native apps, like iMail. 
Usually seems that Linux and Mac users already have their favorite apps
for email, calendaring, contacts and would be happier if those could
properly integrate with GroupWise rather to have to use/learn another

>>> On 4/13/2010 at 11:29 AM, "Steve Singhose" <ssinghose at wccg.net>

That functionality could be sufficient if done well.


>>> Joseph Marton <jmmarton at gmail.com> 4/13/2010 08:07 >>>
Not true.  Look at Gmail.  I can cache several days of e-mail using a
browser (and it doesn't have to be Chrome) so that I can access my
mailbox even if I'm online.  It can be done.  No reason Novell can't
add this to WebAccess as well.


On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 10:01 AM, Steve Singhose <ssinghose at wccg.net>
> Biggest pain I can think of for web clients is lack of caching or
remote mode.  Users without connectivity are not supported.
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