[ngw] What next for GW8 migration?

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Wed Apr 14 13:57:24 UTC 2010

Probably of most immediate importance looks to be 64bit OS - since the next
version of GW will only be 64bit.  No need to back yourself up against a
wall with a 32 bit system and have to do this all again!

Novell has recently stated that SAMBA is fine as long as you are on at least
7.3 or 8.0.  We've all just been wary of it, and old habits and biases die
hard I guess.   For me, it's no bit deal to just ssh -X into the Linux box
and run ConsoleOne that way.  It takes about 2 minutes longer to get C1
loaded up in such a situation, but then I know everything is "okay" as far
as accessing the database goes.  So I keep my main PO on SLES (now SLES 11).

On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 3:26 PM, Scott Jones <sdjones at weberpl.lib.ut.us>wrote:

> I have upgraded to GW8.01HP1 on NW65.  All agents went smooth.  Clients are
> a different story; but I'm not too worried about them just yet.
> My end goal is to migrate the GW system to a virtualized SLES instance, but
> I'm not sure where to start first.
> I've also been reading the discussions and am confused about whether or not
> to put the system on OES2(SLES10SP3) or just SLES11, and why one over the
> other.
> I also need to change the IP address of the GW box; that one really scares
> me.
> Thanks in advance for the advice.
> Scott
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