[ngw] Error - address book deinitialization function

Douglas Smith apteryx at trey9.org
Wed Apr 14 17:26:08 UTC 2010

 From a January 27th post:



Thank you for this tip.  Although it did not lead me directly to the solution, I did fix a user today with this problem.

A new entry (today) on the Novell Support Forums suggested that four entries in the Windows Messaging Profile causes a crash, but three entries are OK.  Seehttp://forums.novell.com/novell-product-support-forums/groupwise/groupwise-8x/gw8-clients/373870-address-book-deinitialization-function-never-called-itsparent-application-post1923826.html#post1923826

My user had only three entries in Control Panel -->  Mail.  But the idea led me to the solution.

1) Uninstall the GroupWise client.
2) Use the GroupWise Cleaning Agent.
3) Delete every profile in Control Panel --->  Mail.
4) Run the wms.exe (found in the (SDD)\client\win32\wms\nt\us\wms.exe )
5) User logs out and logs back in
6) Install GroupWise fresh.

After the install, note that the three Control Panel -->  Mail profiles have been re-created.

And the user no longer got the crashes that had happened before.

David Gerisch, IT Server Administrator III
Tulare County Information Technology
degerisch at co.tulare.ca.us  or 559-636-4886


We have had this problem on one PC so far.

  - Doug.

On 2010/04/14 09:38, Mary Matthews wrote:
> Rest assured that you are not alone.  And no, I haven't found a fix for it either.  Although, recopying the view files from the server to my client has resolved some other issues (even after a clean uninstall/reinstall).
>>>> "Kathy Bannister"<Banniste at audits.ga.gov>  4/14/2010 8:20 AM>>>
> I have had several Users complain about the GW Client crashing with this error:
> "Internal Error" - The address book deinitialization function was never called by its parent application.
> Happens on more than one computer thay are using.
> I have uninstalled the client.
> Used the cleaning tool.
> Reinstalled MAPI.
> Reinstalled the GW Client.
> GWCheck on User DB
> Structural Rebuild
> Index
> Content Check
> The error continues.
> I received it just a few minutes ago when trying to spell check a message.
> Had to reboot to get GW to function again.
> Windows xp sp3
> GW 8.0.1 1/8/2010
> Build 89145
> Any one else have this issue.  Any solutions.
> Thanks!!
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