[ngw] [OT] What other crazy things do folks do on the list?

Lilith Calbridge lilith at dcccd.edu
Wed Apr 14 17:29:41 UTC 2010

I got an ION turntable for digitizing my albums.  That is time consuming
considering I have albums that go back at least 40 years.  Then my
co-workers found out I've got the device and started bringing in their
old albums.  Needless to say, someone ended up disappointed.  I've also
worked out how to get my mini video tapes to disk.  That's not as
difficult as dealing with each track of an album though.

>>> On 4/13/2010 at 8:48 AM, Danita Zanre <dzanre.ngwlist at gmail.com>

I used to video weddings and school reunions and such - but that was
long ago before we had computers to help edit and make the job easy! Now
I don't do anything that odd I guess. Most of my "dabbling" into the
unusual is just done for myself - gardening, genealogy, geek stuff.
We're in the 3rd year of a digital conversion project for all of the
music and video in the house! We still have over 100 LPs to digitize and
home movies on VHS and 8mm tape that will take a long time to convert.
Our iTunes library now has over 31000 tracks. I have "rated" about 1/10
of those to try to decide what should be on the iPod! 

Danita Zanrè
Keep in touch!

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