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Steve Bogdanski bogdansk at cvm.msu.edu
Wed Apr 14 18:05:21 UTC 2010

As long as the processors/BIOS support the EM64T extensions you shouldn't need to buy new 64-bit boxes.  I know the 2850/1850 PowerEdge models support this (two OES/GW on 1850s and two OES on 2950s), but not completely sure about the 2650 (it would be right on the edge).
If it does support EM64T then you'd still have to rebuild each server with the 64-bit version of SLES/OES, but you could do it as a rolling upgrade.  

>>> On 4/14/2010 at 1:32 PM, Douglas Smith <apteryx at trey9.org> wrote:

Don't feel back.   We have post offices on 12 Dell 2650's which are 32 bit boxes, so we will need at least 12 new 64-bit boxes (plus a new backup system that supports GroupWise on OES - a budget wouldn't hurt either).    This will almost be like an exchange upgrade for us.

 - Doug. 

On 2010/04/14 09:17, Mary Matthews wrote: 

I need an in-place upgrade method for going from 32-bit to 64-bit SLES and OES2
using NSS.  We won't be buying new hardware and my downtime window for GW is
limited to the day after Christmas.  Not enough time for a wipe, reinstall, and
restore process for 5 servers.
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