[ngw] CalPub Host Name

Matt Weisberg matt at weisberg.net
Wed Apr 14 20:59:01 UTC 2010

I was just moving my calendar publishing host to a VM and I noticed this error in the tomcat log:

16:29:47, <GWCAL>, -, ERROR, -, The Calendar Publishing Host is not configured correctly. The Calendar Publishing Host name specified during installation does not match the name specified in ConsoleOne. Verify the name in ConsoleOne, then rerun the Calendar Publishing Host Installation program and specify the correct Calendar Publishing Host name.

I then looked at my old server too where I had it running for a while and it has the same error.  I looked and as far as I can tell, I have a matching host name in the C1 setup and in the calhost config.  What am I missing here?  Again, it doesn't seem to be causing any issue, but I just don't like seeing ERROR :)


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