[ngw] [OT] What other crazy things do folks do on the list?

Marc Gosselin MGosselin at piercelaw.edu
Thu Apr 15 17:58:36 UTC 2010

I race 1/32 scale slot cars in numerous events throughout the year.
I love driving my Miata as often as I can. If it's not raining the top is down. 30 degrees F this morning, what a lovely crisp ride into work!
I also love camping with my wife in our 34' 5th wheel. We've been nearly cross country 3 times and really enjoy those long road trips!
My 4 wheeler on rocky trails brings a big smile to my face.

>>> Colin Bretagne <colin.bretagne at gmail.com> 4/15/2010 12:43 PM >>>
I am a certified England FA Football (Soccer) referee and am busy taking my Rugby Refereeing course in Canada.
I did 5 years of Football refereeing in England and am now refereeing here in Canada.
I also play Rugby for a local club.
When I travel, I love to scuba dive and have dived in almost every ocean in the world. Been diving since 1994.

On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 11:29 AM, Travis Smith <ts0384 at gmail.com> wrote:

This has been a fun thread to read. Great diversification. I enjoy
playing disc golf a lot and I also have a golf membership so that's
what I sneak off early and do when the weather is nice. And right now
the Michigan weather is very nice, got to love the spring.


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