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Hi Niel,
Can't find the article you were referring to in Open Horizons.  Perhaps you can provide a link?

>>> On 15-Apr-10 at 3:24 AM, Neil Stansbury <neil.stansbury at redbacksystems.com> wrote:

Yes, and attempting for far too long - as Yoda would say, less trying more doing!

We did use web access for Liaison when it was released originally at Brainshare '05, I was quite pleased with it, but Ken I think persuaded me that SOAP was the path of enlightenment.

I said at the time I though they were nuts for choosing SOAP over something lighter like XML-RPC.  In retrospect he was quite right, unless you are a Yahoo or GMail, XML-RPC or JSON just aren't needed for performance, and with WSDL 2.0 it's almost academic anyway.

After that began our long and painful conversion to SOAP!  I'm very glad we did though, and it showed some massive design flaws, and created some very cool new opportunities using WSDL endpoints instead, and it's more than adequate performance wise.

Sometimes you really don't understand the problem until you're up to your waist trying to solve it.  By then you either sink or buy some bigger waders.  Though frankly the next time I have a "vision about the future of collaboration" I will either go and see a doctor or a priest.

There is an article on using PHP with SOAP and GroupWise in the spring edition of the Open Horizons magazine if anyone is interested.

I think Steve Bogdanski's earlier comment about using HTML 5 for web access is quite right. Though there will/are all sorts of restrictions using the HTML 5 offline features etc, the question will be the extent that Microsoft and IE fully support HTML 5 vs pushing Silverlight as the de-facto rich-web-client-toolkit.

For new web access, I vote for no Java or Tomcat, and PHP + SOAP directly into the POA or ANOther Agent.  Then we could also get ATOM feeds and iCal views published very easily, as well as implementing a single interface.  Hopefully Novell engineering will be told to consume their own interfaces too, that way if we have a bug - so do they.

I'll try and post some pics up of Liaison running on Snow Leopard with the Growl integration working too.

Neil Stansburywww.RedbackSystems.com 
On 14/04/2010 15:23, Simon Shilton wrote: 

Isn't that what Neil at Redback has been attempting to do for a couple of years with the Mozilla engine?
oops, or were you fishing for an opportunity ;-)

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Hey, maybe an innovative company could build an interface through GroupWise WebAccess that could provide mobility and access for other email platforms using WebAccess as the conduit? 
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