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Not sure but perhaps Neil meant developer.novell.com:



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On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 4:24 AM, Robert Horgan <Robert at nsasia.co.th> wrote:

> Hi Niel,
> Can't find the article you were referring to in Open Horizons.  Perhaps you
> can provide a link?
> thanks
> Robert
> >>> On 15-Apr-10 at 3:24 AM, Neil Stansbury <
> neil.stansbury at redbacksystems.com> wrote:
> Yes, and attempting for far too long - as Yoda would say, less trying more
> doing!
> We did use web access for Liaison when it was released originally at
> Brainshare '05, I was quite pleased with it, but Ken I think persuaded me
> that SOAP was the path of enlightenment.
> I said at the time I though they were nuts for choosing SOAP over something
> lighter like XML-RPC.  In retrospect he was quite right, unless you are a
> Yahoo or GMail, XML-RPC or JSON just aren't needed for performance, and with
> WSDL 2.0 it's almost academic anyway.
> After that began our long and painful conversion to SOAP!  I'm very glad we
> did though, and it showed some massive design flaws, and created some very
> cool new opportunities using WSDL endpoints instead, and it's more than
> adequate performance wise.
> Sometimes you really don't understand the problem until you're up to your
> waist trying to solve it.  By then you either sink or buy some bigger
> waders.  Though frankly the next time I have a "vision about the future of
> collaboration" I will either go and see a doctor or a priest.
> There is an article on using PHP with SOAP and GroupWise in the spring
> edition of the Open Horizons magazine if anyone is interested.
> I think Steve Bogdanski's earlier comment about using HTML 5 for web access
> is quite right. Though there will/are all sorts of restrictions using the
> HTML 5 offline features etc, the question will be the extent that Microsoft
> and IE fully support HTML 5 vs pushing Silverlight as the de-facto
> rich-web-client-toolkit.
> For new web access, I vote for no Java or Tomcat, and PHP + SOAP directly
> into the POA or ANOther Agent.  Then we could also get ATOM feeds and iCal
> views published very easily, as well as implementing a single interface.
>  Hopefully Novell engineering will be told to consume their own interfaces
> too, that way if we have a bug - so do they.
> I'll try and post some pics up of Liaison running on Snow Leopard with the
> Growl integration working too.
> N
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> On 14/04/2010 15:23, Simon Shilton wrote:
> Aldo
> Isn't that what Neil at Redback has been attempting to do for a couple of
> years with the Mozilla engine?
> oops, or were you fishing for an opportunity ;-)
> Simon
> >>> On 14 April 2010 at 14:56, in message <
> 4BC57546020000A80009BD5C at mail.omni-ts.com> ( mailto:
> 4BC57546020000A80009BD5C at mail.omni-ts.com ), "Aldo Zanoni" <
> Aldo at omni-ts.com> ( mailto:Aldo at omni-ts.com ) wrote:
> Hey, maybe an innovative company could build an interface through GroupWise
> WebAccess that could provide mobility and access for other email platforms
> using WebAccess as the conduit?
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