[ngw] Address Choice

Marty O'Connor MOConnor at leg.state.vt.us
Fri Apr 16 12:48:05 UTC 2010

GW 8.0.1
I have a couple of users who report that, after typing a couple of letters in for the last name of an email recipient and Name Completion gets it right so they hit Tab or ENTER, they are prompted to choose whether they want the entry from Frequent Contacts or the one from the System Address Book, both of which are the same.
These users claim they did not change any of their options and I don't have the same problem with most of my other users, including me.
It's true that they do have the same user in both of these address books, but so do I, and I don't get prompted to select one or the other.
I'd have to guess that the entry in the Frequent Contacts does not realize that it is the same entry in the GroupWise System Address Book.
How do I fix this?  Why did this start to happen?
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